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How Personalized Music May Enhance Your Game

Does a person who's not knowledgeable about gambling or does not like to play in a casino, have any influence on how he plays? This was a question asked by participants in a recent analysis. The results demonstrated that non-gambling people don't have any influence on game outcomes, at least when it…

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Blackjack - Basic Strategy

Blackjack, formerly called Vingt-Un and Black Jack, is the American version of the European game called Twenty-One, whose derivatives comprise the British game of Pontoon. In its most popular form, blackjack is played with a deck of cards arranged in four suits from ace to king; the card suits are s…

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How To Recognize the Signs of a Problem

The action of gaming is a common activity enjoyed by folks from all walks of life and across many cultures. It can also be regarded as a small business endeavor and perhaps a gate way to other kinds of wealth creation like stock market investing and property ventures. It's a sort of gaming as it inv…

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